Laura Crompton . Design


An independent graphic designer helping brands stand out from the crowd by crafting meaningful identities and creative communications.


I work closely with clients to understand their brand, allowing me to produce design solutions with creativity, clarity and attention to detail. I pride myself on creating work that is powerful, meaningful and produces effective results when out in the world.

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How I work.

1 — Know.

Key to creating effective design is getting to know you and your brand. Researching your target audience, learning the best way to connect with them and understanding your goals allow me to produce an effective design solution.

2 — Design.

‘Simplicity with meaning’ is key and guides all my design outcomes. Bringing years of industry experience, understanding of your brand and creativity together to craft a stand-out design that doesn’t just look great visually, but has meaning and clear purpose to ensure you are communicating effectively.

3 — Implement.

Once the foundations are built I work closely with you to ensure consistency across all areas. Simple to follow guidelines and visual examples will be supplied to help you to ensure every touchpoint is right. A brand is more than a logo, and implementation is key to how your audience perceive and connect with you.

4 — Beyond.

I build long-lasting relationships with clients offering advice, working to ensure your brand stays on track and to re-fresh and build further when the time is right.