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Work hard & be nice.

‘Work Hard & Be Nice to People’ — Anthony Burril

‘Work Hard & Be Nice to People’ — Anthony Burril

Working hard goes without saying if you want to be successful in business, but being nice? That often get’s forgotten.

Being cut throat, screwing people over to get ahead, ignoring clients once a project is complete doesn’t sit well with me. One of my favourite things about working for myself is choosing who to work with and how to work. Being open and honest throughout the process and offering guidance, even after a project is complete, has helped to build solid, long-lasting relationships with my clients, leading to referrals and more business and ultimately a better outcome for the brand - win win.

When it comes to other creatives, being open to connecting and collaborating can lead to some exciting results too. It doesn’t have to be a dog eat dog world… I’ve found that working together can bring fresh ideas and points of view to a project, and having a bit of support and someone to bounce ideas around with every now and again is always helpful.

I’ve had the privilege of coming into contact with so many friendly and inspirational people along the way and it’s made running my business an enjoyable journey. It is possible to be nice without being a pushover, and it is possible to be successful while still being nice!

Laura Crompton